Protecting Your Brand

Protecting Your Brand

Protecting Your Brand

When starting, maintaining, and building your brand it is imperative to make sure you implement protection measures in order to defend your intellectual property and prevent counterfeiting. In order to protect yourself from these law violations, lawyers are hired to make sure all required protections are enabled.


Certain protection measures can be applied in order to produce your brand, products, and services. These include but are not limited to: copyrights, trademarks, and patents. For example, many businesses trademark their company’s name and logo so it has intellectual property law protection– your business name and logo can only be used by you.

Products require protection as well. Protecting a product’s quality and reputation ensures your business’ success. If a product is sellable, there will likely be fake replicas made by counterfeit manufacturers. If your product, design, or ideas are backed up with the applicable intellectual property protections, there are grounds for a lawsuit.

Basic brand protections protect not only your value, but your effort. Whether your brand is an iconic fashion house or a small start up, protecting what is yours will be beneficial.


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