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Trademark licensing is an important part of intellectual property law. With the right trademark attorney by your side, you can make sure that your product or service is instantly recognizable, as well as protect yourself from competitors who want to trade on your good name. For the best trademark attorney in Los Angeles, contact our Beverly Hills office today.
Trademark licensing encompasses all the steps needed to secure your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. They maintain a database of all currently registered trademarks, which our lawyers can sift through to ensure that your proposed trademark isn’t already in use. If it is, we can suggest the necessary changes in order to get your mark registered.
los angeles trademark licensing attorneys

It is important to use a Los Angeles trademark licensing attorney during this process, as it can shield you from future lawsuits. If you use your trademark without having one of our attorneys run a trademark search, you may be accused of neglecting your due diligence in the matter. You do not to register a trademark to use it, but you must make sure that it doesn’t already belong to someone else.

When registering your trademark, it is also important to have the professional assistance of a trademark licensing attorney. This is because your trademark must be distinct, and unique to you, which can be complicated in the legal sense. The USPTO may deny your application if your mark is deemed too similar to one already in use. But a good trademark attorney can both argue on your behalf and help you change your mark enough for it to be deemed sufficiently distinct.

Choosing the Right Team of Los Angeles Trademark Licensing Attorneys in Key.

The checklist for choosing a trademark attorney is fairly similar to choosing any attorney, or any licensed professional, really. As with most things, there is no real secret to it; just use common sense judgment. Instead of choosing a trademark attorney on price or over lofty promises, make sure that the person you hire is:

  • Experienced at practicing trademark law
  • Educated by a credible university and licensed by the California State Bar Association
  • Has good references
  • Can handle your type of case
The last criterion refers to the particular needs of your case, such as registering your trademark internationally. If you need this particular service, you should only hire a lawyer who offers it.
Law Advocate Group in Beverly Hills has diligently, and successfully represented clients in all areas of entertainment law. Our award-winning trademark licensing attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate through trademark laws, requirements, and any issues that may arise. Our attorneys have won awards and have received top ratings among peers and clients throughout Beverly Hills and the surrounding Los Angeles area.

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