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Creating a startup business can be an extremely exciting, rewarding, and profitable venture, but every startup business needs a solid legal foundation as it grows. Law Advocate Group, LLP represents a wide range of startup businesses, from different backgrounds and industries and has counseled entrepreneurs and new business owners throughout Southern California, the nation and internationally. If you are in need of a reliable Los Angeles Startup Lawyer that has the experience and knowledge to help you properly navigate the legalities associated with running a successful startup business, please contact Law Advocate Group, LLP.

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A quality Los Angeles startup lawyer should have a deep understanding of various aspects of law in order to best represent and advise a startup company. Startup Companies, unlike some businesses, touch upon many aspects of the law from the outset, including commercial law, contract fraud, corporations and corporate partnerships, business fraud, contract litigation, real estate, business transactions, intellectual property law, tax law, corporate law and sometimes entertainment law. There are many questions and things to consider when you are starting the process of a startup company. A Los Angeles Startup Lawyer from the Law Advocate Group, LLP is highly skilled in assessing your startup’s needs, size and projected growth and deciding how to properly proceed. 

Growth and Longterm Legal Plan

Startup Lawyer in Los Angeles CAThe startup company and your attorney need to keep an eye out for the long term prospects of the startup company and its future growth. The long term perspective requires a talented Los Angeles startup lawyer with experience representing mature companies and businesses, as well as smaller startups and businesses.

If you run a startup business or are planning to begin this adventure in the near future, you understand that the stakes are high. Tremendously high. With all of the codes, regulations and laws, it can be difficult for even the most diligent of entrepreneurs to stay on top of all the working parts of a startup.

To make matters even worse, you must also worry about legal threats from competitors, consumers, potential customers and other interests. Startup Companies face legal disputes every single day in America, but how can you protect your interests and focus on what truly matters? At Law Advocate Group, LLP, we can help you to find a knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles Startup Lawyer, capable of counseling and representing you as needed, and ensuring that your company’s interests are protected.


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Find the Best Startup Lawyer in Los Angeles

There are many good reasons to choose Law Advocate Group, LLP, when you need a qualified startup lawyer in Los Angeles, and here are just a few.

  • Los Angeles Startup LawyersOur team of top-notch startup attorneys boast nearly a century of combined experience in business litigation. Not only do we understand the laws, but we understand the Los Angeles marketplace better than anyone else. We proudly serve Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and all of the greater LA area, and we know the landscape well enough to navigate the most complex codes and regulations as they pertain to the local market.
  • Our attorneys have won some of the top legal awards in the business, and have received stellar reviews from peers, customers, and governing bodies alike. Get in touch with us to learn more about the many prestigious commendations and testimonials that we have received, and see for yourself why Law Advocate Group, LLP, remains the leading business litigation firm in the Los Angeles area.
  • We combine knowledge and experience with an aggressive approach to ensure the optimal outcome with our clients. Not only do we understand the process, but we fight tooth-and-nail for our clients, often when others won’t. Startup Litigation is a tough game, and you need an ally who is willing to fight tirelessly on your behalf. That’s where we come in. When you need the best startup lawyer in Los Angeles, you won’t do better than Law Advocate Group, LLP.


Areas of Expertise 

Our areas of expertise are varied, and include commercial law, contract fraud, corporations and corporate partnerships, business fraud, contract litigation, real estate, business transactions, entertainment law and much more. All of which are essential when offering expert legal advice for a startup company. Explore our site to learn about our full range of expert services, and find the best Los Angeles Startup Lawyer to provide you with just the right expertise. If you’re not sure where to begin, please get in touch with us and one of our experts will gladly connect you with the right point of contact. We want your legal experience to be smooth, informative, and stress free.


You need a Los Angeles Startup Lawyer that is Experienced, Accessible & Thorough…

Law Advocate Group, LLP is a Los Angeles Business Litigation Firm that is based in Beverly Hills, CA, where our talented attorneys have acquired over 80 years of combined experience in legal entertainment representation. Our skills and knowledge are a top resource for our clients that has been recognized by industry peers and judges. If you have a request specifically involving Los Angeles startup litigation, please take a moment to fill out our contact form so that we may get in contact with you.

Our Startup Lawyers in Los Angeles can help you with a variety of issues pertaining to every aspect of Small Business Litigation. To speak with a knowledgeable Los Angeles Startup Lawyer today, please visit our contact page to initiate the first steps to legal representation in Beverly Hills, Orange County or L.A. County.
Los Angeles Startup Lawyer
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