Copyright Law In California

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Copyright Law In California

One of the most important things a creator has to be aware of is how to protect their piece of work. Knockoffs and cheap imitations drown the market of any good; this not only damages the potential profits for the creator, but it also diminishes the amount of recognition they are due to receive.

Intellectual property (IP) law is a legal mechanism used to protect designs, creations, and many more. Under this law, creators are afforded rights to their pieces, many of which include the right to receive profit from their piece, and recognition. IP law involves many different protections, but one, in particular, stands out: copyright. It will protect original works, including movies, books, poems, music, web pages, and photographs, by granting the creator exclusive rights such as distributing and making copies.

How To Receive Copyright Protection?

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In California, you file for copyright with the US Copyright Office. Your filing goes through a federal government agency, and not the state. The actual application itself is either a paper or electronic application that must be filled out by the applicant. This application will cover all of the necessary information this office requires in order to assess your request. The information required includes specifying the correct category of registration for your work, detailed notes on when the work was initially created and completed, in what country the work was completed, and include information on the work itself such as its title. Once the application has been received and approved, the copyright protection actually starts from the date the work was originally created and will last for the entire life of the creator, plus another 70 years.

Copyright  Protection And Complications 

While this process may seem straightforward, it also comes with its challenges. Before officially filing the application, the creator has to also submit any limitations on their file. These limitations include having used specific parts of other copyright material in your original creation. The other individuals or corporations holding the other copyright materials must be contacted with regards to permission and licensing. Therefore, given this complicated legal nature, when applying for it, and ensuring you have done it all legally, consult a copyright lawyer. A lawyer will understand how IP law works in its fine details, and ensure proper protection for your work.


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