Movie Production

Movie Production

Making movies is not all about creativity. Movie production is an intricate system that involves both finances and legal complexities. Contractual agreements are one of the first and most important steps in order to execute a production properly. Pre-production groundwork is significant. Not only do rights need to be acquired, but employment agreements for everyone involved must be settled. All parties involved in the movie making process have to agree on finance, distribution, and production systems.


Movie Production – Original Ideas

Most movies are created based on other ideas and stories. Movies are based on life stories, books, and other screenplays. In order to create a movie based on these original ideas, a producer’s first step is to acquire rights to the original property. Regardless if the idea is written down or verbally given to producers, due diligence must be followed and copyright searches must be conducted.


Financing a Movie

Money is more important than creative ideas when it comes to making a movie. Not only is movie production extremely expensive, but it is a complicated financial endeavor. Costs such as space, permits, camera equipment, technology, talent and food all come into play.

California has continuously been an ideal location to film a movie because of the various incentives the state provides. Not only can crews film for free on state property, they get tax credits, and free permits. Although California provides these incentives, it is imperative to have a strong legal team on your staff. Without the support of a legal team, there are risks of shutting down production and loss of investments.


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