Motion Picture Production

Motion Picture Production

Motion Picture Production

The movie making process is difficult on two fronts: the artistic and the legal complexities. In order to properly execute the production of a movie, many contracts have to be signed with often numerous parties. Before the shooting of the movie begins, there is a lot of groundwork needing to be done in terms of acquiring rights and settling employment agreements for all those involved. Furthermore, all relevant parties have to agree to finance, production, and distribution systems.

Making a Movie from an Original Idea

Given that most movies are based on another original screenplay, life story, or idea, movie producers have to first acquire the rights to that original property of the movie. While some original ideas have been written down in already-published books or theatrical screenplays, others are given verbally by the author to the future producers. Even in the latter case the producers have to follow due diligence and conduct a copyright search.

Financing the Movie-Making Process

Movie-making is incredibly expensive. The creators have to factor in costs like the renting of space, permits, camera equipment, and even food (let alone the often-expensive contracts for the actors). In California, movie producers are encouraged to film there because of tax credits, free permits, on-site assistance with crew and production, and free filming on state property. Along with these incentives in California, producers still have to ensure they have adequate investments from various partners or risk shutting down the production of their movie.

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