Entering the Entertainment World: Who is an Agent?

Entering the Entertainment World Who is an AgentIn the entertainment industry, a talent agent is essential for success in a professional ecosystem that is infamous for its hyper-competitiveness. An agent can work for musicians, actors, dancers, athletes, and even writers. The agent’s main priority is to promote the skills and talents of their clients. The clients they represent may seek them out, but an agent can also proposition to represent the client.

The agent is responsible for communicating with others in order to procure contracts, employment opportunities, and other marketing deals. As it may become evident, an agent must have great connections and know important people in their client’s respective industries. For example, an actor’s agent will be meeting with producers, executives, and directors in order to present the actor’s skills and sign a deal. A lot of their work will include negotiating these deals and working with lawyers to ensure that the best deal is signed for the client involved. Moreover, the agent will be meeting and communicating with the movers and shakers of the industries at all times, making their role very marketing and communications-based.

An agent can have their own office, but many agents work for talent agencies as well. Some of the most established and well-connected agencies are in the entertainment capitals of Los Angeles and New York City (with other notable hubs). While the agent can be stationed in one office and communicating from that spot, the reality is that many also travel with their clients to other destinations. Other duties of an agent include paying the client, determining the logistics of a deal, and setting up publicity arrangements (along with public relations firms). Overall, an agent will be heavily involved with the day-to-day activities of a client, making it very important that the agent meets all duties and responsibilities.

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