An Artist’s Personal Manager

An Artist’s Personal ManagerAn Artist’s Personal Manager

In Hollywood and the music industry, how a celebrity is managed and becomes profitable comprises of a complex system with many individuals involved, with one of the most important ones being the personal manager. This individual is responsible for acting as a life counsellor for the artist, organizing their events and professional life, and using their connections to establish relationships for the artist that are beneficial for his or her artistic career.

The personal manager is not the agent; therefore, they do not directly book deals for the artist. However, the manager can book and negotiate events with promoters, endorsers, and the media (this would go hand-in-hand with the publicist). The personal manager is heavily involved in the decision-making process of the artist. Once the agent brings forth multiple different scripts for the actor, it is at this point that the manager steps in and advises the actor on which movie will work best with their career. A manager that is good at their job will know the important movers and shakers in the artist’s industry, and will create opportunities that the artist could not procure on his or her own. Essentially, the manager has a hand in almost all of the artist’s activity, and in return will be compensated accordingly.

Given that the personal manager is such an influential member of an artist’s team, it is imperative that the artist chooses a manager, and drafts a contract with them, that is fair and addresses all relevant issues. First, and most importantly, make sure that the personal manager is certified to work, and has connections and industry relationships that can propel a career forward. Since the personal manager is required to work with all members of the team, they must be able to get along with the artist’s other team members and understand the goals of the artist. Negotiating a contract with a personal manager should involve the counsel of an entertainment attorney. They will ensure that the conditions of the contract are reasonable for both parties and that they have both understood their responsibilities.


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