How To Be Prepared For Your First Attorney Visit

How To Be Prepared For Your First Attorney Visit Image

How To Be Prepared For Your First Attorney Visit

Meeting an attorney for the first time can be an unnerving experience – especially if you do not know what to do beforehand or even what to do during the actual meeting. Remember that an attorney wants to give you the best advice possible, so coming in prepared can maximize the meeting’s value.

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Most importantly, do not worry about not knowing the entire legal process; your attorney is there to guide you through each step. Remember to refresh your memory and understand why you are bringing your case to the meeting. Making an outline of the events of your case can help you recollect more effectively while speaking with your lawyer. Collect any significant and relevant documents and paperwork that your lawyer has requested. Write down any questions or issues you may have; some of the most common questions are regarding your goals, worries, pressing concerns, financial situation, potential obstacles, and the strengths and weakness of the case.

During The Meeting

When you meet your lawyer, tell your story accurately, truthfully, and candidly. Be organized and summarize the key points, but be sure to still be yourself. This is where the outline you made before the meeting can be incredibly useful – a written outline can help you remember what you want to say. While going over different issues, remember to take notes that will aid you in asking any further questions you had not thought of before and keeping track of what was discussed. Ask any questions you may have regarding your case, rights, and potential course of action. If you do not understand any of the legal jargon, do not hesitate to ask for an explanation of the terms. Make sure your discussion with the lawyer meets the expectations you have for your legal representation.

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