Los Angeles Class Action Attorneys

los angeles class action attorneys

Experienced Class Action Lawsuit Representation in Los Angeles

Law advocate Group, LLP has Class action lawsuits cover a broad spectrum of practice areas, including products liability, false advertising, torts, pharmaceutical, and wage-and-hour employment claims.Law Advocate Group knows the complexity of these cases. Therefore, we team up with other big firms to increase efforts in protecting our clients and the public at large. These firms and their attorneys have been approved as class counsel in many ground-breaking cases and have certified and resolved many cases in California and across the United States.

How The Law Advocate Group’s Los Angeles Class Action Attorneys Can Help You

If you are contemplating filing a class action claim, please contact Law Advocate Group to schedule an initial consultation. We can provide a very thorough consultation, give you honest legal advice, and provide you with the most professional representation our Beverly Hills Law Firm has to offer. We are knowledgeable in many areas of class action lawsuits, and by forming a legal team with over 80 years of legal representation experience, we put our knowledge and know-how to work for you. Contact us today to go over the detail of your case or if you are contemplating filing a class action claim.

About Law Advocate Group, LLP

Law Advocate Group, LLP is a Beverly Hills Class Action law firm in Los Angeles. We value our relationships with our clients. We often tell clients that we want to be their “attorneys for life.” Some engage us to handle one specific matter and do not have a reason to seek legal counsel again. Many others, however, particularly those who are active in business and in the local community, have consistently returned to us any time the need for legal counsel or services has arisen.

There are a number of reasons why longtime clients continue to seek our assistance over the years. One is our vast legal experience. Another is our wide range of knowledge about the legal issues that affect businesses occasionally, as well as those impacting their day-to-day activities. What further sets us apart from many other firms is not only our dedication to providing personalized legal services to help our clients reach their goals, but our equal commitment to the Los Angeles County community. We have been deeply involved in the local area since our founding, and we stake our livelihood on the quality of the services we’ve been providing to residents.

Our attorneys have earned the respect of clients, judges, and the legal community at large for our commitment to our work and the results we obtain for those we represent. We have extensive backgrounds in litigation and trial work, as well as transactional know-how, making us uniquely suited to fully serve the needs of all types of clients with varying backgrounds and legal issues. We also draw upon relationships with professionals such as accountants and tax experts to provide comprehensive advice to the businesses we represent.

Our goal at Law Advocate Group, LLP is to satisfy every one of our clients so that they will continue to use our services and recommend us to their friends and associates. We strive to provide highly personalized counsel, making our lawyers available to clients and responding to phone calls and emails in a timely manner. That, we believe, is how you build a solid Los Angeles Class Action law firm.

Our Los Angeles Class Action Attorneys are Accessible, Consistent and Tenacious

Our firm is based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles where our class action lawyers have acquired over 80 years of combined experience in legal representation. Our skills and knowledge are a top resource for our clients that has been recognized by industry peers and judges. If you have a legal matter specifically involving a class action lawsuit, please take a moment to fill out the form below so that we may get in contact with you.

Our Breach of Contract Attorneys in Los Angeles can help you with a variety of issues pertaining to class action law. To speak with a knowledgeable Los Angeles Class Action Attorney today visit our contact page to initiate the first steps to legal consultation in Beverly Hills, Orange County or L.A. County.
los angeles class action attorneys
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