Who is a Film Producer?

Who is a Film Producer?

Who is a Film Producer?

Creating content, especially when it comes to film, takes a variety of expertise. This results in a complex chain of command and various staff and crew members. One of the most illustrated credits on a film or television program is the role of the producer. Sometimes, there can be one producer listed and at other times there can be dozens! Because a producer’s role has an array of responsibilities, their job does not fit into a singular definition.

In short, a producer is a supervisor on all aspects of production: pre production, production, and postproduction— it is their responsibility to take track of time and budget.

Most of the work before the movie begins filming takes place in the pre production phase. Tasks are delegated to different producers based on their expertise and skills. Here is a general list of some producer’s tasks.

  • Finding Material (a book or script to make the movie)
  • Financing a film
  • Finding a Director
  • Casting the film (with director and other executive members)
  • Scout locations
  • Create schedule
  • Maintain budget
  • Hire crew (camera, audio, set design, costumes, etc).


Once film shooting starts the producer works alongside the director, cast, and crew to streamline the creative process. One of the most important tasks a producer has while in the midst of shooting is to make sure that the budget is secure and the time commitment from all cast and crew is regulated.

When the production is done filming, the movie goes into post production. Producers will work with editors to make the final version of the movie. They will also be the liaison with the studios and distributors to negotiate deals so the move is seen by the targeted audience.


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