What should I consider when renegotiating my commercial lease?

Commercial lease

What should I consider when renegotiating my commercial lease?

Ensuring that your commercial lease meets your business needs is crucial for success. Whether you are looking to terminate the lease, expand your space, negotiate better terms, or address issues with your landlord, here are some key points to consider during the renegotiation process:

1. Rental costs: If you find the proposed rent increase unfair or unaffordable, you can negotiate for a reduction in base rent or request a different pricing structure that allows for better budgeting. This could involve addressing rising energy bills or other variables that impact the overall total.

2. Future rent increases and lease length: If the landlord insists on a rent increase that you find too high, you can propose a longer lease length in exchange for a lower rate. This can provide both parties with increased security and may make the rate more favorable for your business.

3. Structural improvements: Offering to extend the lease or pay higher rent in exchange for necessary improvements to the building can make staying a more attractive option for you. This can include renovations, repairs, or upgrades that enhance the functionality or aesthetics of the space.

4. Relaxation of terms: If the landlord has set strict policies that limit your usage or operating hours, negotiating for more flexibility can help your business reach its full potential. Additionally, requesting the ability to sublet the space if needed can provide financial relief in case your plans change.

If you need assistance with renegotiating your commercial lease, we offer consultation services to help businesses secure better lease terms. Contact us for more information.

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