Theft a Safe

Theft a Safe

When it comes to theft, penalization depends on the level of the theft and the context of the crime. One form of theft is burglary, which is different from the general forms of theft in California. According to California Penal Code 464 PC, it is illegal to theft a safe with explosives or other torch devices. This penal code refers to both safes and vaults under this law.

In order for the prosecution to meet the definition of this penal code, a sequence of steps must take place.

  • Perpetrator entered the building that houses a safe
  • Perpetrator attempted to open the safe
  • Used an explosive device to open the safe
  • For this specific penal code, the burglary must have entered into a building first and then opened the safe

If Penal Code 464 PC is violated, the offense is not small. A guilty sentence of this burglary results in a felony conviction: up to seven years in California county jail and paying a $10,000 fine.

If convicted, it is imperative to hire an experienced criminal lawyer. In this case a lawyer will help argue the defendant’s rights and try to prove the prosecution’s case does not hold beyond a reasonable doubt. A defendant’s strategy usually tried to prove that the defendant did not intend to commit any crime after they entered the building.


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