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santa monica corporate lawyerThe corporate world is notoriously litigious, and without expert legal protection, corporate entities leave themselves vulnerable to insurmountable liability. At Law Advocate Group, LLP, we proudly serve the Santa Monica business community, providing the kind of impeccable legal defense and counsel that keeps businesses running smoothly. When you need a knowledgeable and experienced Santa Monica corporate lawyer with a successful track record, you need Law Advocate Group in your corner.


Santa Monica Corporate Lawyer | What We Do

Have your Articles of Incorporation met all of their legal requirements? Have you been accused of business fraud? Would it be more advantageous for your business to register as an S-corp or a limited liability partnership? Every single day, entrepreneurs are faced with a myriad of confusing decisions and life-or-death challenges. You shouldn’t have to navigate these rough waters on your own, because there are experts who have trained for years to possess the kind of knowledge necessary to keep your business flourishing. You should be free to focus on what you do best: running your business.


Without legal expertise on your side, your business is on shaky ground. Our Santa Monica corporate law firm can help you to establish a corporation or LLC, draft and review contracts, protect your assets, understand your tax obligations, and navigate other difficult day-to-day legal responsibilities. From the IRS to the Secretary of State to your employees and even your competitors, you have a lot of eyes on your business, and even a slight legal oversight can result in potentially devastating litigation. You have worked way too hard to let a lawsuit destroy your livelihood.


But what happens when a dispute does arise? Perhaps you have come upon this page because you’re already in the midst of a legal dispute. Whether it relates to business law, entertainment law, real estate law, or asset protection, we can connect you with just the right Santa Monica corporate lawyer to fight on your behalf. Our experts specialize in breach-of-contract, business transactions, business fraud, commercial law, formation and alteration, business transfers, start-ups, pass-through entities, buy-sell agreements, closely-held business law, and much more. Give us a call today and tell us how we can best service your legal needs.


Businesses Who Benefit

At Law Advocate Group, LLP, we work with business entities large and small. From independent entrepreneurs to massive Fortune 500 companies, we have done it all. S-Corps, C-Corps, LLCs, partnerships, start-ups. These are just some of the business types that have benefited from our services, and we have the knowledge, expertise and personnel to handle each one of these entities to perfection. Each business faces its own unique set of challenges, but our team is equipped with experts who boast backgrounds in every type of business environment.


Why Choose our Santa Monica Corporate Law Firm?

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We know that you have many options when it comes to selecting a Santa Monica corporate attorney, but Law Advocate Group, LLP is in a class by itself. For starters, we are committed to the Santa Monica business community. We live and work in this great city, and we understand the local laws, statutes, and regulations as they pertain to Santa Monica businesses. All of the legal representation that we provide is tailored specifically to the needs, interests and requirements of the local community, ensuring that you achieve the highest level of personal counsel. Never settle for an attorney who isn’t personally engaged in the local community. Choose an expert who fully understands how the marketplace operates.


Additionally, our legal team is simply second to none. We have uncompromising standards when it comes to selecting attorneys for our firm, and every single Santa Monica corporate lawyer on our team boasts the highest level of education from an esteemed law school, combined with years of courtroom experience, multiple awards received, and an astonishing track record of success. We don’t believe in employing generalized corporate attorneys with no particular area of emphasis, because the jack-of-all-trades approach simply doesn’t deliver results. Each of our attorneys offers a specific area of expertise, whether pertaining to contracts, business transactions, fraud, or any other corporate-related area of practice. This enables us to partner you with a legal expert who understands your need or dispute inside and out, and can offer you the kind of flawless representation that you deserve.


Finally, Law Advocate Group is your premier choice because we fight aggressively and uncompromisingly on behalf of our clients. If you should find yourself facing any sort of legal dispute, you need an attorney who not only understands the laws and the legal process, but who is willing to fight for you as though your life depended on it. Our clients continue to retain our services time and time again because we provide unparalleled defense even in the most challenging and aggressive legal environments. We want to be your lawyers for life, but whether you need us for one case or for the duration of your corporate journey, we look forward to representing you.


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Ready to get started? There are several ways you can get in touch with a Santa Monica corporate attorney at Law Advocate Group, LLP. You can give us a call at (855) 598-3258, or you can reach out to us using the simple form on our website. However you prefer to reach us, we look forward to hearing from you. Don’t navigate the rough waters of corporate law on your own. Contact Law Advocate Group LLP today, and let us be your unwavering legal expert.