Protecting Your Rights in Pre-File Investigations

Protecting Your Rights in Pre-File Investigations

Protecting Your Rights in Pre-File Investigations

A pre-file investigation is when a criminal defense attorney represents a client before formal charges are filed by the prosecutor. The goal of a pre-file is the prevention of criminal charges to be filed against the person accused.

Investigations of crimes are often long and comprehensive. Even if a pre-file investigation requires time and considerable effort. In order to prepare a pre-file defense, hiring a criminal defense attorney right away is most prudent. Time is of the essence.

Protecting your rights in pre-file investigations and invoking your Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent can be extremely critical for your case. During pre-file investigations, authorities might coerce you to tell your side of the story. This could reveal damaging information and be used against you.

Hiring a defense attorney before formal charges are filed could help you avoid court, avoid jail, and often lessen your charges. Attorneys protect your interests and are confidants. You can discuss facts in confidence and they can help you persuade them to drop charges.

Never assume that law enforcement doesn’t have a legitimate case just because criminal charges are not filed. There can be numerous reasons why charges aren’t filed immediately. Sometimes, the statute of limitations have ended. However, it’s important to recognize that some crimes have NO statute of limitations. If there isn’t immediacy, police can take their time to investigate before they file.

Criminal defense attorneys are crucial if there is a pre-file investigation against you for a possible crime. Protect your rights and help prevent further punishment.


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