Legality Regarding Contracting Work

Legality Regarding Contracting Work

Regardless of whether it was a small job or a year-long renovation, those who have experienced home improvement (or any kind of construction) will know that it is a complex task that requires not only having the right people and material involved but also one that must follow all legal regulations. There are people out there who specialize in building projects, and they are called contractors. According to the California Business and Professions Code 7028 BP, it is illegal for someone to conduct themselves professionally as a contractor without having the appropriate license.

Not anyone can be a contractor. Sure, you can do your own home improvement projects at home, but as long as they’re small, they do not technically require a contractor. However, if you hire someone who claims to be a contractor for the purpose of constructing, improving, repairing, adding, altering, or etc. a property, then that contractor must be licensed to do so. They must have a license from the Contractors State License Board, and that license cannot be suspended during the project.

Operating Without a License

Violating this Business and Professions Code is a serious crime, as it can involve jail time. If someone claiming to be a licensed contractor is found guilty of operating without a license, they face a misdemeanor conviction with up to six months in jail as well as fines. Again, it is important to understand that these possible penalties only apply to those who claim to be contractors. If a friend comes over to help with a renovation and you both understand that neither one of you are licensed contractors, then no one has violated this code.

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