Is an Employee Handbooks Necessary

Is an Employee Handbooks Necessary

Is an Employee Handbooks Necessary

Employee handbooks are commonly written and distributed to bring clarity and foster communication about workplace expectations. They can also prevent issues or legal liability. An employee handbook is a useful tool. Here are some reasons to have an employee handbook:

Set the Tone

The pages within an employee handbook offer insight into the character of your company. It will provide your background, goals, and values so that your employees know what is important to the business. The handbook should also include a code of conduct outlining expected behavior within the workplace.

Layout Your Policies and Procedures

The employee handbook serves as a perfect reference for employees as they work with your company. It includes all policies and procedures pertaining to a range of circumstances that may play out. Your employees can refer to the handbook to gain clarity if any conflict arises and to make sure expectations are being met by both the employee and employer. An employee handbook should protect you and the people who work for you.


Providing employee handbooks is a key part of the onboarding process as it formally welcomes employees into their new roles. Disclaimers can be included in the handbook to further clear up anything that might be misconstrued. For example, you may state that the employee handbook is not an employment contract. You may choose to have an experienced lawyer look over your employee handbook to make sure you’ve included important information for your employees.


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