Grand Theft Firearm Charge in California

Grand Theft Firearm Charge in California

In California, there are two separate series of crimes dedicated to theft and firearms. However, in some instances, the theft directly relates to firearms. This is explicated by California Penal Code 487(d)(2) and this article will provide a brief overview of what is called grand theft firearm. Under this penal section, it is illegal to steal firearms and the value of the firearm sets the theft at the petty or grand level.

Defining and Explaining Grand Theft Firearms

Theft can occur at a petty or grand level. The difference often comes down to the amount stolen. This crime relates to grand theft as the stolen property should amount to at least $950. However, grand theft can also occur if the defendant has a criminal history with serious criminal convictions. Grand theft firearm can come about in different ways. For example, grand theft firearm by larceny occurs when the defendant takes another person’s firearm without their consent, with the intention of keeping it. The defendant could have also tricked the firearm owner. Regardless of exactly how it’s done, the defendant must have ultimately stolen the firearm.

Punishment for Grand Theft Firearm

Given the severity of the crime, it is not surprising that it is classified as a felony. If the prosecution proves the guilt of the defendant, the defendant can spend up to three years in a state prison facility. This charge also counts as a strike (under the Three Strikes Law) and a serious felony. Payment of fines can be required. Therefore, if you have been accused of grand theft firearm, you should immediately hire an experienced criminal lawyer, like those at Law Advocate Group.


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