Grand Theft Auto California

Grand theft auto California

Grand Theft Auto California

Theft is classified according to the amount stolen as well as the nature of the crime. One of such classifications is grand theft auto. To break it down, grand theft refers to the amount stolen and auto indicates that the stolen item was an automobile. Grand theft auto carries harsh punishments, which is why it is vital to understand the law. If you have been falsely accused of grand theft auto, you should immediately seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.

Elements of the Crime

According to California Penal Code 487(d), grand theft auto is illegal in the state. For the prosecution to prove the guilt of the defendant, it must show the following. The defendant must have, without the owner’s consent, intentionally taken (stolen) another person’s car and kept it somewhere else for their own personal use. Getting into a car isn’t easy either, which is why grand theft auto can be accompanied by other charges as well, including carjacking.

Penalties for Grand Theft Auto

Depending on a variety of factors, the defendant may face either a misdemeanor or a felony. In the case of a felony, the defendant can be required to pay a fine and go to prison for up to three years. However, if the defendant had prior grand theft auto convictions on their criminal record or if the car was particularly expensive, then the prison time can increase. Given the severity of the crime, it is important that you have the right attorney working for you. Possible defenses include proving you had consent to take the car or the car was actually yours.


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