Furlough Definition

Definition of Furlough

Furlough Definition

When it comes to private businesses and non-union workforces in California, the furlough definition is unique. In these instances, furlough is a temporary layoff or a required unpaid leave due to lack of work. A furlough means that there is an expectation to return to work.

A lot of confusion comes from furlough. Some important and common questions are: is there an anticipated return to work date? Do health insurance benefits end? When are final wages paid? Hopefully, all of these questions are answered soany confusion regarding status is alleviated.

It is valuable as an employer to make sure you clarify what you mean by furlough. All questions should be answered–workers should know if they are being brought back, paid out their accrued wages and vacation time. Formal layoff notices with proper end paperwork should be distributed if furloughing is not the case.

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