Filing Requirements Part I – Annual Report to Secretary of State

Filing Requirements Part I - Suspension of Corporate / LLC Powers

Annual Report to Secretary of State

An annual Report of information must be filed by each and every California LLC and Corporation to the California Secretary of State.

An annual LLC statement includes:

  • The business address off the LLC
  • Names and addresses of managers
  • Agent for service of process
  • LLC’s line of business

An annual corporation statement includes:

  • The business address of the corporation
  • Names and addresses of the directors and principal officers
  • The agent for service of process
  • Corporation’s line of business

When filing the annual statement, one must pay the annual filing fee. Without tender of the payment, the statement will not be filed. It is important to note that deadlines exist when it comes to filing. If an annual statement is not filed by the specific date listed, a $250 penalty can be imposed. If an annual statement is not filed, the Secretary of State will send a notice via mail. Regardless of change of address or failure any other failure to receive the notice will not excuse the penalty. It is the responsibility of the entity to keep track of annual report and file it on time.

If an entity continues to be delinquent in filing, the Secretary of State suspended the eternity, giving 60 days to cure the delinquency. If not settled, all rights, power and privileges of the entity are suspended.


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