Did the Lawsuit Not Turn Out in Your Favor? Can You File an Appeal?


Did the Lawsuit Not Turn Out in Your Favor? Can You File an Appeal?

Lawsuits can be time-consuming and expensive, but they are often the only recourse for asserting your legal rights. If you recently lost a civil suit and feel like you’ve hit a dead end, there may still be a chance to appeal, but only if you have valid grounds. There are three main standards that can trigger appellate review, and it’s important to understand each one:

1. “De novo” reviews: In this type of review, the appellate court starts the case from scratch, as if the trial court’s ruling never happened. This typically occurs when there is a question of law involved.

2. Abuse of discretion: Trials are complex proceedings, and the trial court has a wide range of discretion in making decisions throughout the process. However, if the trial court abused its discretion, it can be a valid reason for an appellate review.

3. Competent substantial evidence: Evidence plays a crucial role in any legal case. If a court makes a judgment or order based on a factual dispute, such as determining the amount of damages suffered due to a breach of contract, the appellate court can review whether the decision is supported by sufficient evidence.

Wrongful legal decisions happen frequently, but they can be overturned through the appeals process. If you need assistance with filing a civil appeal after an unfavorable lawsuit outcome, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation.

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