Corporations Must Have a Location

Must A Corporation Have a Location

Corporations Must Have a Location

If you are a registered corporation in the state of California, you must have an address. Without a “there” you cannot be considered a corporation. If you are a California corporation or a foreign corporation transacting intrastate business in California you must file an annual State of Information (Form SI-550).

One of the first questions required to fill out in the Statement of information is the corporation’s “complete street address, city, state and zip code of the corporation’s principal executive office”.

The Secretary of State officially states that this address must be a physical address. No P.O. Boxes or “in care of” addresses are allowed. A P.O Box or “in care of” address can only be used as a mailing address.

If registering as a corporation in California, the corporation’s principal office must have a street address in the state of California.

Lest there be any doubt, the Secretary of State’s instructions state that the address must be a “physical address” and prohibit a P.O. Box address or an “in care of” address.  Corporations are also required to disclose a mailing address (which may be a P.O. Box or “in care of” address. Finally, corporations must have a location. they must provide the complete street address, city and zip code of the corporation’s principal office in California, if any and if different from Item 3a.  As with the principal executive office, P.O. Box and “in care of addresses” are verboten.


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