Checklist: Business Formation License Permit

License Permit

Checklist: Business Formation License Permit

Thinking of starting your own business? It is imperative you make sure your paperwork is secured and ready to go. Various licenses, permits, and other legal documents are required to file before you start your engine!

Specific states and cities require different permits, registrations or licenses in order to conduct business in their parameters. Primarily, these permits and licenses are for tax purposes, but it can also pertain to public safety and health regulations.

Specialists must have special licenses in order to conduct businesses. This can be anyone from a contractor, to a hairdresser to a funeral home director.

Employer identification number is a federal requirement. If you are a sole proprietor with an LLC, employees, of partnerships a nine-digit number is assigned to you. Think of it as a business social security number.

A State Employer Identification Number / Charter is required if the state you practice business in collects income tax.

If you hire and employ people, you need to register your business with your state’s Labor Department. The State Labor Department handles worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance.

If you are an entrepreneur and ready to start your own business, make sure you review and obtain any licenses, permits or registrations you will need BEFORE things go underway. These  will protect yourself AND your business from legal issues. To fully ensure your on track with your business formation, hire a business attorney to help advise.


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