Car Accidents Do’s and Don’ts

Car Accidents Do’s and Don’ts

Car Accidents Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you’re an experienced driver or you have just received your license, it is always important to know what to do if you get into a car accident and someone gets injured. Unfortunately, accidents are quite common and can happen to anyone. When driving or walking or cycling, everyone should be aware of their rights and make sure to share the road. This article will provide a brief overview of what to do following a car accident.


Remain on the scene

In some accidents, injuries can occur to the driver(s) or passenger(s) and these injuries can even be fatal. Everyone involved in the crash must remain at the scene. It does not matter whether you have an important meeting to get to or whatever other reason that may exist, because if you leave following injury, you can be charged with committing a hit and run. Therefore, when someone is injured make sure to remain on the scene and call 911 for immediate medical attention.


Takedown important information

In California, if a car collision resulted in damages of $1000 or greater, injury, or death the driver must report the accident to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). When reporting the accident there are several pieces of information the DMV must receive. Make sure to have, for every single vehicle involved in the accident, the license plate number and details regarding the vehicles like year, model, and color. Also, exchange your contact information with others involved in the accident as well as any witnesses to the accident. Make sure to note of any injuries and to seek medical help in case injuries are not immediately visible to the eye.

Following a collision, dealing with other insurance companies and those at fault can turn into a legal hassle. Seek the counsel of an experienced attorney in order to navigate your rights.



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