California Rent Control

California Rent Control


In California we have seen a drastic rise of rent prices and homelessness. In most counties, rent has soared through the roof and rent-control has become a pressing issue for tenants. In January 2020, Assembly Bill 1482 was put into effect. This bill was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in order to preserve rent-control laws and tackle the California housing crisis. Assembly Bill 1482 is set to expire 20 years from now, so it is imperative for landlords to be aware of the new guidelines put forth. New rules will affect how rent prices can and cannot be changed.

Rent-control rules vary depending on each city, but generally, Assembly Bill 1482 mandates that landlords cannot increase rent beyond 5% (plus inflation) each year. Historically, landlords have evicted tenants because they want to increase rent for the next. Under Assembly Bill 1482, landlords are not able to evict tenants without any cause.

Due to regional rule variations, some buildings and landlords are not eligible for these limits. A rolling date is put into place based on region rule variations. Assembly Bill 1482 also protects buildings built in the last 15 years. In addition, single-family homes (not owned by a company) are exempt from the rules.

Due to the increase in homelessness across California, the housing crisis is a paramount issue for many people. Many cities have their own infrastructure and local rent control laws already in place. Assembly Bill 1482 does not override any pre-existing local laws. However, it will apply to units that have not been covered before the Bill.

Due to the complicated nature of rent-control laws and renting rights throughout the state of California, it is advised to contact a lawyer regarding how Assembly Bill 1482 affects them. The laws have their own exemptions that work within and apart from existing controls. Both landlords and tenants have the right to have their questions answered.


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