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Business Lawyers

Business Lawyer

Lawyers are often represented in popular culture to be civil or criminal litigators who spend all day in intense courtroom settings. Needless to say, this over dramatizes the profession which, for many kinds of lawyers, is not so dramatic. It is not often you see business lawyers at work in TV and film, and so there is a lack of comprehensive understanding as to exactly what this type of law entails. Business lawyers address a range of duties in their day-to-day work, including consulting with business owners on many types of legal issues.

Business owners face many complicated affairs in which they greatly benefit from the help of a lawyer. Owning and running a business may bring up complex topics including revenue, costs, shareholders, investors, and employees. Forgoing the help of a lawyer can result in minor to major legal issues that can affect or even kill a business. With legal council, a business avoids violations in intellectual property and corporate laws.

A business lawyer can regularly deal with many overlapping areas of law, including real estate, employment, and intellectual property law. A business lawyer may be tasked with negotiating a lease, filling the articles necessary for incorporating a business, and negotiating contract agreements. Most business will carry ongoing contracts with third parties, which will need to be drafted by a lawyer. Additionally, buying or selling a business requires thorough document filing and communication. This process runs much smoother when a lawyer is involved. As you can gleen, business law is not a singular area of the legal system, but many overlapping ones.


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