Bump Stock in California

Bump Stocks in California

Bump Stocks in California

Gun laws vary by quite a bit depending on what state you are in. In California, there are strict rules regarding owning and carrying guns. On top of this, the state also has laws regarding extra accessories for guns. One of such things is called a bump stock. This accessory is used to increase the rate of firing for a semiautomatic weapon.

Elements of the Law

According to California Penal Code 16930, a bump stock is illegal in the state. A bump stock is attached to a semiautomatic rifle and it has been created to allow the weapon to fire at a faster rate. Essentially, it enhances the normal rate the weapon would have fired at. When the bump stock is attached, the rifle can shoot quickly and continuously. This means that the semiautomatic rifle becomes even more dangerous, as it can fire more shots in the same time frame. Therefore, the penal code has made it illegal for a person to possess, manufacture, or lend a bump stock. While there are some people and various entities that can have exemptions from this law, a violation of this code can lead to severe penalties.

Punishments for the Crime

If a defendant is found guilty, they face either a misdemeanor or a felony conviction. The defendant can receive either one depending on their own criminal background and the context of the crime. If the prosecution decides on a felony, the guilty defendant faces up to three years in jail. Given that there is possible jail time, someone accused of having a bump stock should immediately hire an experienced attorney. The attorney can help the person with their legal defense and rights.


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