Broadcast Syndication

Broadcast SyndicationWhen turning on the television, you will notice that the schedule will consist of shows that are being aired for the first time, as well as shows being re-run. One of the systems that governs the broadcasting of TV shows or radio programs is called broadcast syndication. This system provides a license to various stations, which allows them to air programs previously run on other networks. There are three types of syndication that will be overviewed in this article: first-run, off-network, and public broadcasting. It is important to remember that not all shows are syndicated; shows must be licensed at first with the understanding that they will be syndicated later on.

broadcasting for the first time

The first-run syndication refers to the first time a program airs on television. Each new episode will be broadcast for the first time, and the show is not restricted to airing on only one network. Examples of these shows include The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dr. Phil, Family Feud, Judge Judy, and many others. These shows primarily air on the same channel each time for the first time, but then can be aired by affiliates and other networks during re-runs.

In this context, re-runs can be called off-network syndication. This means that a show, like Judge Judy, will air on one network for the first time, but then can be “re-run” on another network later on. Off-network syndication does not happen instantly for each show; once enough content has been created, a show can begin its off-network syndication. In most cases, these shows are aired on smaller networks that are affiliated with the network that aired the first-run. The third type of syndication is public broadcasting, which allows for multiple networks to air the same content and share their programs (this is open to independents and members of the Public Broadcasting Service). In a similar vein, there can also be international syndication, allowing for different countries to broadcast programs at the same time.

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