Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Whether you are a small business owner or the head of an iconic fashion house, one of the most important parts of a business you must consider is brand protection. You take many steps to create the brand you think represents your work, but it is also necessary to protect that brand from counterfeits and intellectual property law violations. In corporate law, clients work with their attorneys to ensure all of the required protections have been enabled.


Protection Measures

Depending on your business, you can apply and receive a patent, trademark, or copyright for your products/services/logos. If applicable, you can trademark your company’s name and logo so that it has intellectual property law protection. Such a protection allows for your name or logo to be used solely for your business and not by anyone else.

Furthermore, if your business offers a product, you’ll find it imperative to protect its reputation and quality. To do so, you will have to watch over the market for counterfeit manufacturers that sell fake replicas of your product. These counterfeit products can be found in street vendors and on the internet. If you have backed up your design with the applicable intellectual property law protections, there can be grounds for a lawsuit against counterfeiters.



The above does not constitute complete advice on brand protection, but it offers some basics for owners. Your brand is what makes your business unique and valuable. Protecting this brand is beneficial for your company in the long-run, but also in the short-run as it ensures that your name, logo, and products are being advertised, and used properly, according to the brand they represent.


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