Attempted Murder in California

Attempted Murder in California

Attempted Murder in California

Murder convictions are varied and are important in regards to sentencing and punishment. Different degrees of murder charges set important standards.

It is led to believe that murder only involves death. Even if a victim does not die, the perpetrator can face murder charges. Attempted murder can be just as serious as a murder conviction. Two specific elements are in play when it comes to attempted murder in California:

  1. The defendant had the intent to murder the victim
  2. The victim must not have died
  3. A direct act must have occurred, and if completed would result in death
  4. The direct act does not constitute thinking of killing someone

A defendant found guilty of an attempted murder faces a felony conviction. If the conviction is first-degree the murder was considered pre-meditated. Both a first and second degree conviction means there was an intent to kill with a direct act.

If a defendant is found guilty of first degree murder, they face a life sentence in prison. If charged with second degree murder, they could face only up to nine years in prison. That’s why conviction is so important– as the repercussions could change dramatically.

According to the three strikes law in California, the more your felonies (strikes) increase, the more severe your punishments.

Those who have been accused of attempted murder require a strong legal team. The counsel of an experienced criminal lawyer can be the end all be all to your sentencing.


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