Are Fireworks Legal in California?

With Fourth of July just having passed, you may be curious about the legality of fireworks in California. In fact, this issue is an important one to understand, especially if you are interested in buying and using fireworks in the state. According to California Health and Safety Code, there are specific rules regarding the purchasing of legal fireworks as well as explanations of contexts in which it is illegal to have fireworks.

Are Fireworks Legal in California?The Code has created two different sections for fireworks, one illegal and one legal. For the legal kind, this comprises of safe and sane fireworks. For illegal, this includes dangerous fireworks. This distinction may seem arbitrary to some, but there are specific definitions. A firework is considered dangerous if it contains chemicals like arsenic sulfide, zirconium or if its resulting sparkling action falls under size limitations or if it has been deemed unsafe by a Fire Marshal. If a firework falls under any of the three aforementioned categories, it is illegal for the general public to buy or use it. The only way to use said fireworks is if the person has received a license to do so.

If you are looking to use fireworks, know that there are a series of fireworks that are deemed safe and sane. You can tell that the firework you are buying falls under this category if it has a seal from the State Fire Marshal. However, even these fireworks are not available for buying all-year round. Legal fireworks can only be sold by a person with the appropriate license, in a place of business, and only between a certain time period. This period consists of June 28th from 12 PM to July 6th until 12 PM. Now that you have bought a legal firework, make sure your actions fall under the correct guidelines set by local jurisdictions. Each area in California is different, and local authorities may have to make necessary adjustments.

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