An Artist’s Personal Manager

An Artist's Personal Manager

An Artist’s Personal Manager

In the entertainment business, the celebrity is the most profitable asset. Hence, there is a complex system that surrounds an artist in order for them to make the most money. One of the most important entities in this complex system is the personal manager.

An artist’s personal manager is an organizer, a counselor, and a connector. They establish relationships that help enhance the artist’s career. Essentially, their job is to make all things beneficial for the artists and help them make money.

A manager is different from an agent. Managers do not facilitate deals or bookings. However, managers are part of negotiations and are usually involved in negotiations with endorsers, media, and promoters. Because managers are trusted confidants and advisors, they are heavily involved in the decision making process. Managers have the pulse on the industry and thus are able to counsel appropriately. Managers want to create opportunities that the artist would not be able to make on their own. A manager’s compensation is a result of the artist’s activity, so they want them to make correct choices!

Choosing a manager is a substantial decision for an artist. Because they are so influential and a powerful liaison in the industry, artists must choose managers that are fair, trustworthy, and are aware of all issues that may arise. Knowing their connections, relationships, and reputation in the industry will give you some base knowledge.

Once you establish a rapport with a manager, negotiating their contract is essential in order to keep things businesslike and on track. An entertainment attorney will be able to ensure that the contract is reasonable for BOTH parties and can articulate responsibilities clearly


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