Aggravated Assault Charge and Crime

Aggravated Assault Charge and Crime

Aggravated Assault Charge and Crime

The penal code has criminalized the different ways in which assault can be carried out. One group of assault crimes is called aggravated assault. Aggravated assault is not in itself a single crime. This term is used to refer to assault charges that are considered to be of greater severity than a simple assault. While assault charges require the expertise and knowledge of experienced criminal lawyers, this article will provide a brief overview of the grouping.

What is considered aggravated assault in California?

Assault at its minimum definition requires an attempt to harm a victim. However, what moves crimes beyond simple assault to aggravated, is the context of the case. While there are several crimes considered to be aggravated assault, this article will provide an explanation for assault with a deadly weapon and with a firearm. Starting with the latter, a firearm can be used to kill someone, making this crime much more dangerous than a simple assault. The firearm doesn’t have to kill the victim for this assault charge to be applied, it is the intentional attempt that matters. Similarly, assault with a deadly weapon like a knife also poses a serious threat to life.

Punishments for aggravated assault

Depending on the specific charge, a defendant can face either a misdemeanor or a felony. As always, sentencing depends on the history of the defendant and the context of the crime. In general, a misdemeanor can result in jail time, whereas a felony conviction for an assault can lead to spending years in prison. An assault conviction is a serious matter and if someone has been falsely accused, it is vital that they build a strong defense.


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