A Closer Look at Publicists

A Closer Look at PublicistsCelebrities in Hollywood usually have a large team of individuals and firms working for them. Among these individuals are the publicists. While a general overview of being a publicist has been provided previously, this article will focus more on the daily actions of said people and the responsibilities they have to their clients.


One of their most important tasks is to guide the celebrity down the red carpet at major events and award shows. Those red carpets can be hectic, loud, and jarring for most people – even seasoned celebrities. Have you ever watched the red carpet broadcasts of award shows like the Emmys or the Oscars? If you have, you will notice that celebrities must make their way through photos, media interviews, and fans in order to finally enter the venue. Along with the celebrity’s assistant, the publicist is in charge of determining the media outlets the celebrity speaks with. Based on the client and his or her work that is being promoted, the publicist must strategically choose the outlets as they walk down the carpet. It is also important to align the interviews so that the celebrity does not have to wait long between each interview.


Whether it is on the red carpet or other press tours, the publicist must arrange the schedule in such a way that ensures the celebrity does not get too tired. Otherwise, as the celebrity loses their patience or charisma, the quality of their answers decreases and so does their promotion of the project. An expert publicist will know which press events and interviews best suit the work being promoted, as well as knowing the formats of interviews and types of the promo the celebrity does best. Being a publicist is a demanding job and can also require traveling with the client to their various press events and red carpet interviews. While this article provides a summary of the more detailed responsibilities at awards shoes and interviews, publicists will have even more tasks as they shape and deliver the client’s public persona.


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