Pal A. Lengyel-Leahu

Pal A. Lengyel-Leahu

Pal A. Lengyel-Leahu

Of Counsel

Pal is a former Judge Advocate Officer (JAG). He started his career in the Federal Court system and continues to excel in that arena. He is a familiar face in court rooms all around California and the United States.

He has tirelessly defended those accused of crimes whose lives appeared to be at the lowest point of decline. He has received accolades from jurors, judges, and adversaries before whom he practiced his craft: litigation. His approach is to amass all of the facts — both good and bad — research every angle, leave no stone unturned.

J.D., University of Arkansas Fayetteville School of Law
B.A., Arizona State University

State of California

Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Civil Litigation

Property Crimes




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